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NewRelic startWithApplicationToken never completes, freezing iOS app



We’re adding the agent with cocoapods, and currently running 6.1.0.

The app never completes launch & responds to user input since NewRelic’s startup sequence consumes 100% CPU. This is the first time I’ve seen it happen on my physical device, but it makes me nervous since we have >15k MAU, and this is not going to appear in the crash logs.

Removing startWithApplicationToken allows the app to start as normal.

Pausing the app in the debugger shows eventDupStore:

From an Instruments profile on the app during startup shows most of the CPU time is being spent in NR’s Deserializer:


Hi @bshive,
This is an issue we are aware of and have released a fix in iOS Agent version 6.1.1. Thanks for making the effort to let us know about this issue, regardless. The new version is available through cocoapods as well as for download.


Hi Bryce,

Sorry to reopen this, but we also found this issue with New Relic 6.3.0. Here is the crash log.

This issue is hard to reproduce. Currently we disabled New Relic on our production app. My question is, will update New Relic to the latest version will 100% solve this issue?