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No data going to APM (Python)


When I run a manage command I don’t get activity in New Relic.

I used newrelic-admin validate-config and I saw data

I have tried various things but I don’t get data into APM

newrelic.agent.initialize('/var/www/code/catalogue_app/newrelic.ini', 'grantdev', ignore_errors=False, log_level=logging.DEBUG)
application = newrelic.agent.register_application(timeout=10.0)

event_type = "Killed_Query"
params = {'query_info': 'select * from all_things;', 'killed_time': '2016-05-18 00:59:00', 'host': 'my_host'}
newrelic.agent.record_custom_event(event_type, params, application=application)

I get the custom event data but that is it

I run this command

NEW_RELIC_ENVIRONMENT=grantdev NEW_RELIC_CONFIG_FILE=/var/www/code/catalogue_app/newrelic.ini /var/www/venv/bin/newrelic-admin run-python push_to_shop --settings=catalogue_app.settings.development_settings

The log file does’t give errors, it suggest that data is being collected.

Am I missing something




Hi Grant,

From what you have provided it looks like you’re trying to record a background transaction, is that correct? If that’s the case, you should use the background_task decorator. This Python decorator can be used to instrument background tasks or other non-web transactions.

This is typically used to instrument non-web activity like worker processes, job-based systems, and standalone scripts. Transactions marked as background tasks are displayed as non-web transactions in the APM UI and separated from web transactions.

Here’s an example of using the decorator:

def push_to_shop():

Refer to the background_task API method for more information.

Hope that helps you! :slight_smile:


That was it, I did this in the end

import newrelic.agent
newrelic.agent.initialize(settings.NEW_RELIC_INI_PATH, settings.NEW_RELIC_APP, ignore_errors=False)
def push_to_shop():




Happy to hear that @grant.donovan! :slight_smile: