No databases but I see MySQL slow logs in the Transactions section of the APM


Our APM -> Databases page is empty. When I go to Transactions and click one of the latest transactions there, I can see a breakdown of the mysql queries etc. Not sure why we’re not seeing these slow logs on the Databases page.

We used to have a new relic account (2-3 years ago), maybe something needs to be configured on your end?

We do see database transactions from our dev boxes, but not from our production boxes.

Another issue that we’re seeing is that in the “show new view” option in transactions, there is not an option to select “Web” type filter, only “non-web” and “php” are shown here as options. This causes us not to see the transactions on the “new view” .

Actually looks like there are other bugs on the dashboard. If you look at the graph there should be web transactions, here it says “New relic recorded no transactions”

I created a new topic No databases but I see MySQL slow logs in the Transactions section of the APM but no answer from you guys so far. We used to be a paying customer and we want to start using newrelic again. There is no way to make a ticket on the support page. This is not a good sign. I understand we’re on the free tier at the moment, but if you guys can’t even provide basic support, why have the free tier at all?

@dewulf Understand your frustration with the time it is taking to get a response to your issue. Will make sure our support team is reminded of your request. I know they do their best to respond even when managing a high volume of topics. Thanks for your patience.

Hello @dewulf!

Reese here with New Relic Support, thank you so much for your patience! I understand your frustration, and will do my best to get to the bottom of this as fast as I can.

So, when we took a look at your account, we found that there was a metric clamp placed on your account at some point (no one else will be able to view this link, so rest assured that your information is safe). This was due to a metric grouping issue.

We have gone ahead and disabled the clamp; you should begin to see transactions in APM. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues with seeing your data, and we will be happy to continue troubleshooting!

Reese Lee


Thanks for the update @reeselee, I see it’s working now.

Great to hear @dewulf!