No logging.d folder in New Relic Infrastructure container

Hi I have a server running a Ruby/Rails app in a Docker container. I’ve also spun up another Docker container within the same server for the Infrastructure agent for logging. When I check inside the infrastructure container, there is no logging.d folder so I created one and added a log config file there. I tried forwarding an echo message to the log file specified by my config file inside logging.d but this message is not showing up in my logs UI. Any idea what I’m missing or doing wrong here? Also, I assume that I’ll have to listen over some network interface to actually get the logs from my Rails app in another docker container?

@dexx1220 Welcome to the community! I realize you have been waiting awhile for a response from community members. I’m going to followup with our support team to see if any of them can give you a response soon. Thank you for your patience!

@dexx1220 I was just informed by our support team that the “log forwarding feature is not yet supported on containerized agents.” I know that isn’t what you wanted to hear. This doc provides more info: