No mail alert test notifications, nor Slack


  1. We cannot contact support
  2. We don’t receive any of the test messages to our mail integration nor slack. We could really use help
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@asia - Can you let me know how you are trying to contact support? In regards to not receiving test messages to your mail or Slack, are you receiving a 200 response when sending test notifications? Also, would you be able to provide a link to the notification channel(s) that you are running into trouble with?

Test alert notification channels

I’m having a very similar problem and opened a case for it.

Hi regarding support, I tried to find a support button and nothing, it got me here…

Regarding slack, I fixed it

Regarding mail, I get 200 but no mail message.

@asia Looks like we are getting an error when trying to send to the email in the notification channel.

smtp;550 5.7.193 UnifiedGroupAgent; Delivery failed because the sender isn’t a group member or external senders aren’t permitted to send to this group.

You will need to let your email admin know so they can adjust for this.

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Thank you

will check