No notification on Slack when container is down and cpu > 20%


I have set up a slack channel notification for cpu > 20% for more than 2 minutes, disck free percent > 70 for more than 2 minutes, both of these have 1 open incidents, but was not notified on slack channel. I have also set condition to check whether any containers are down and whether container named postgres is down, after this I brought down the container in one of the host for a while, I could see the change in graph as well, but even in this case there was no notification on slack.

Please note : I tested slack notification using test notification feature from notification and got the notification successfully. However I do not see the incidents getting notified.

I have attached the policy associated with slack channel and alerts related to check whether container is down.

Can some one please have a look into the issue and let me know what’s wrong from my end.

Hi @gprasadk, You might want to change the incident preference in the policy from By policy to By condition and Entity

A new incident should then be created and you should receive notifications for every new condition or entity that violates.

You can read more about this here-

Let me know if that works :slight_smile: