No Stack Traces for JavaScriptErrors, unable to debug JS Error or where it comes from

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I am looking for some help tracking down down a JS Error reported by NR Browser.

New Relic Browser is showing 1000s of JS errors a day against one of our browser applications. All of these errors with the userAgent = IE11. The error (“Object doesn’t support property or method ‘createEventObject’”) makes sense because IE11 does not support this method, so far so good.

However I cannot find where we are calling “createEventObject” in our code, or any code that is loaded when we load the SPA. I search our source code and I search (using DevTools) in the browser when all JS is loaded, nothing.

Also, all the stack traces in NR Browser are empty for this error so I cannot see where it comes from.

To compound the issue, I cannot replicate the error on IE11.

So I am stuck on how to fix this issue.

Any suggestions?

Does anybody have any suggestions?

@RyanVeitch - Looks like no one on the forum has any suggestions. Could you help?

@stefan_garnham - Thanks for linking me in here - I’m no Browser expert, so I’m going to pass this over to our experts in the Support team today.

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Hi @mark.vilrokx,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. I can’t speak to this specific error but I can tell you generally some of the common causes of errors without stack traces:

Do any of these sound like they might apply to what you’re seeing?


Not really …

  • I am not using noticeError()
  • I presume it is installed correct, it’s inlined right at the top of the tag right after the charset meta tag, as per the NR instructions.
  • I can’t tell if it is from a 3rd party script because … there is no trace

Hi @mark.vilrokx,

I tried for quite a while to see if I could reproduce it myself in a Windows VM without any success. It seems like you’re getting multiple error events generated by a single PageView event. I did some trial and error trying to match up a error event cluster to pageviews and I think I’ve at least narrowed it down to from your main app (vs. the beta URL domain). Additionally, I believe that at least one of them is resulting from sessionID 2126e7e892176bbb.

I think enabling cross-origin resource sharing may be of assistance here as I suspect this is coming from third party scripts, we talk about that here:

I also have one more troubleshooting tool I can try on your behalf tomorrow.


Hi @mark.vilrokx,

I spent some more time on this earlier today but still haven’t been able to reproduce the error, and we just don’t have access to any other information other than what you can see in the UI.

I consulted with a couple of colleagues internally and the only other thing we’ve been able to think of (outside of our original recommendation to try enabling cross-origin resource sharing) would be to use ** to attach some additional detail for this error that could help you track down the source.