[Node] Background task, transaction.end() taking long time to complete


[Revisiting this issue - Transaction.end() taking a long time to complete]


I am trying out the non-web transaction feature in our project for tracking, using the following functions ‘startBackgroundTransaction’ and transaction.end() to start and end respectively. I am seeing that for long running tasks (with a lot of DB and network interactions happening, usually 10 minutes or more), the newrelic agent doesn’t end the background process, it takes a long time to complete or just keeps the calling task waiting. Also, on the UI i do not see the transaction traces.
With shorter running tasks, I don’t see this issue, the background process is completed, I am able to look at the transaction traces on the UI.

We are looking forward to adding this feature, let me know if you need any other info. I am happy to share it.

npm “newrelic”: “8.6.0”
“nodejs”: “v12.19.0”