[Node] New Relic Installation Issue

I am getting the below error while installing new relic agent :

‘We encountered an error during the installation: Installation requirements error: operating system darwin is not supported’.

Also getting log - ‘No connection has been established to New Relic after 4 attempts.’, in the newrelic_agent.log
Due to this, I am unable to add data for my nodejs application locally.
Can anyone please help resolve this issue?

Hi, @shubhadevarajan1995: Did you try following the install instructions here? Install the Node.js agent | New Relic Documentation.

Thank you for the reply.
I see one issue here. Is node version 10 not supported ?
I use v10.8.0 for Nodejs.

It is supported for 5 more days. :slight_smile:

Node.js version End of life (EOL) date Initial release date of Node.js agent dropping support
12 April 2022 April-October 2022
10 April 2021 As of July 31, 2021, we’re discontinuing support for Node.js 10. For more details, including how you can easily prepare for this transition, see our Explorers Hub post.
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So is there anything that I am missing here?