[Node] Transaction URLs shown as "*" instead of individual routes in Transactions view

I’m trying to view transaction metrics for my API server in the Transaction view, but I see that 100% of my transactions are shown under . Clicking on “See transaction table” also shows only "".

Is there anyway to report on individual routes? The fact that everything is reported as * is kinda useless to me. Am I missing something in my setup? Or is there better way to configure the report?


We’re using the NodeJS v7.0.2 agent.

What framework are you using?

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Hi @6MM, we’re using ExpressJS deployed on Heroku.

4.6 or higher? Anything else in the mix?

It may be that you need to add custom instrumentation to name transactions. Depends.




Hi @ronald2, let us know if the documentation @6MM provided was helpful in any way.

yeah, looks like I’d have to name those transactions explicitly.

Thanks for the update @ronald2!