Not able to generate the New Relic mongodb metric in dashboard

We have followed the doc provided by new relic for the mongodb integration , but we are not able to get the mondb query metrics in the newrelic dashboard.

Hi @stage-admin, would mind explaining exactly which steps you followed and what was the exact issue you ran into? Was there an error?

We have a mongodb running on a stand alone server . We want the mongodb database query logs to be generated in the new relic . We have followed the mongo doc but we are unable to generate the required log with respect to the database queries.

The Doc we followed :

Hi …

Did you get a chance to review my problem statement ?


Not sure if you’re still having issues with the mongoDB integration, but the next step of troubleshooting this would be to check the logs to see if you find any level=error or level=warning messages.

To collect logs from the Infrastructure agent you will need to edit your newrelic-infra.yml and add the log_file argument and specify a location for the log file to be generated:

Feel free to post what you find in the logs to this thread and we can take a look at it. Redact
information as necessary

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