Not receiving emails (Suppression list issue?)

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We recently transitioned one of our notification channels to a new email address. We are not receiving emails from that notification channel. When I try a test notification it says it is being sent but it is not received. If I change the address associated with that channel to a different address it works.

Due to a previous, but now fixed, configuration issue on our end I believe that the desired address was added to the suppression list as described here: Relic Solution: Email Alerts and the New Relic Suppression List

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The currently configured email address should be able to receive test notifications and alert emails. Currently it is not receiving either.

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Here is the link to the notification channel:

The notification channel is currently configured with the desired email address that isn’t working.

Hello @pmcnally, I have removed this email address from our suppression list.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue or the behaviour persists. You could check this by sending a test notification. :slight_smile:

We would advise that you ask your mailbox admins to add the following email addresses:,, and * to their whitelist of trusted sources to prevent these emails from going to spam folders / being blocked.