Not receiving mails for incidents

We haven’t received any alert emails since 2021-01-18. One of our most important NRQL policies (per entity alerting) gets a few alerts per day, but we’re never notified.
Please tell me how we can get this working.

Another problem we seem to have is within the app itself. When I click Explorer > Browser app > Alert conditions , it tells me to request access to FSO, even though we’re already on FSO to my knowledge. The only way to set conditions is by go through AI.

Thank you.

Hi @valentijn.verhallen, any chance you could share a link to the alert condition in question so we can take a further look into it?

Thank you for replying. This is the condition with most active incidents:
Just to be clear: we’re not receiving any notifications anymore. I can send out test notifications just fine, but incident notifications aren’t sent. We do get the occasional NR Explorers hub, so I’m pretty sure the mail isn’t getting blocked or anything.
We’re looking to (vastly) expand our conditions to suit our apps, so it’s crucial for notifications to be in working order.

Dear Mr. Namara,
I’m looking at upcoming deadlines. Can you/anyone please assist me?

When creating a new channel of type Email, the notifications suddenly start working again.
So for some reason notification channels of the type User don’t trigger an email anymore. Can’t find whether this has been disabled somehow or how to reactivate it.
Anyway, this is an acceptable solution for now.