"Notification request ignored - New Relic unknown event" no card added to MS Teams channel using webhook

Alerts Question Template

Although the test notification says that it is successful, it does not display the message in MS Teams.

I have read though various older posts, but would like to find out why the default payload template does not work.

The default payload template is as follows:

  "version": "{{version}}", 
  "entity": {
    "type": "{{entity.type}}",
    "name": "{{entity.name}}",
    "link": "{{entity.link}}",
    "entityGuid": "{{entity.entityGuid}}",
    "domainId": "{{entity.domainId}}",
    "domain": "{{entity.domain}}",
    "accountId": {{entity.accountId}}
  "detectionType": "{{detectionType}}",
  "category": "{{category}}",
  "data": [{{#each data}}
      "value": "{{value}}",
      "unit": "{{unit}}",
      "timestamp": {{timestamp}}
    {{#unless @last}},{{/unless}}
  "viewChartImageUrl": "{{viewChartImageUrl}}",  "anomalyzerUrl": "{{anomalyzerUrl}}"

Do you perhaps have a similar template I could use (with graph) that is compatible with MS Teams?


Webhook test noticiation:

I have also tried using the New Relic connector within M, but encountering the same issues:

Hi there @Carike.Blignaut-Stad -

Welcome to the community. It sounds like you are using the default webhook payload template, but it’s not displaying properly in MS Teams. Our experience has been that Teams is parsing things a bit differently, and so lots of folks have struggled with this.

You mentioned that you read some of the previous conversations on this topic, so you know likely know that we have a feature idea on the books for a full integration, but I don’t have a timeline on that.

In the meantime, did you see this thread:

A couple of folks here have provided customized payload templates that could get you what you need.

Let me know if I misunderstood you or if you need anything else!