NRI Bundle - Auto Instrumentation

I have a complex microservice architecture with many services which are all written in golang. NRI Bundle has been installed through helm. My account now includes information within the “kubernetes cluster” panel & the pixie tabs for live debugging.

What seems to be missing is information within APM (the killer feature).

Pixie seems to include information regarding HTTP call duration, sql queries, etc but the information is not include everywhere within the NewRelic UI.

The article A Complete Introduction to Monitoring Kubernetes with New Relic talks about “application performance - Code-level insights with stack traces and errors, and distributed traces” but it doesn’t elaborate on the configuration required.

What am I missing to not have any information within the APM tab?

Get to know Pixie

Hi, @mark.wallsgrove1: You will not see information on the APM tab unless you install an APM agent. If you look closely at your screenshot, the data appears, not under APM, but under Services - OpenTelemetry.

Hi @philweber.

Sadly I didn’t get any entries under Services - OpenTelemetry either. The screenshot is from the Pixie documentation.

My post above was a complaint regarding how ambiguous the text within the image is. Within the Newrelic context I would have expected APM to contain data from the description above. It looks as if Newrelic does have the data, but it’s held within the Pixie domain which is very loosely integrated into Newrelic. Considering the quality of all the other aspects of the product it’s a little disappointing.

There also seems to be a large support void between Newrelic and Pixie.

After doing some research I have found that the OpenTelemetry can also be used rather than a language agent.

@mark.wallsgrove1 Appreciate the feedback regarding the ambiguous text. I’ll make sure to share this with our product team for further consideration. Sounds like you were able find a solution for your current this issue?

Please let us know if you have other support needs :slight_smile: