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Nri-flex integration


I don’t have expertise in the flex integration nor in yam syntax. The task is to check if backup file is created in E:\ directory, that’s all! But I’m having a hard time to implements it in yml format.
Here is example.

name: fileTestlookup
lookup_file: C:\Program Files\New Relic\newrelic-infra\custom-integrations\flexConfigs\sybase-test.json ### location of lookup file

  • name: fileTest
    • run: DIR ‘E:’ # it doesn’t read a dir for some reason.
      #custom_attributes: ### add some additional attributes if you’d like
      name: ${lf:name}
      type: ${lf:type}

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @ababichenko,

You can find out more information on the flex integration, including examples here:

A good YAML validator is here:


Thanks for a response. I did look at all topics , no luck. :disappointed:
nor I can find information online.


Hi @abichenko -

It looks like you are looking for help with an integration that we’ve made available via open source, but is not an official part of our platform. @kpather developed this and may be able to jump in with some assistance here, but facilitating this sort of custom use case does fall outside of the scope of the support team.

If Kav can’t get you what you need, the next best step may be to work with your account team. They will be better equipped to talk about how we might be able to help you leverage these open source tools into your New Relic experience. I can put you in touch if you need help with that. Just let me know.