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Nri-perfmon metrics not seen in Insights



I am wondering if anyone else is using the unsupported nri-perfmon plugin to retrieve CLR metrics (ie. Thread pool, GC time, Heap Utilization etc). I have installed the components using the manual install process listed here:

It seems that the infrastructure agent is polling or executing the exe as expected . I see this error in the agent log after each poll:
time=“2019-06-17T15:02:35-04:00” level=error msg=“executing data source” data prefix=integration/nri-perfmon error=“exit status 2148734720” plugin name=nri-perfmon-metrics stderr=
When I execute nri-perfmon.exe manually, I get the metrics listed in the config.json file.
Anyone run into this?


Eager to see who else in the community can give advice! If I learn of anyone who id using this I’ll be sure to send them your way, @klynch! :blush:


I see that you have added an issue on the Git repo @klynch. I hope there is an answer soon as well. We are planning to use this so any known issues or workarounds will definitely come in handy :wink:


I’m also is waiting answers/comments on Perfmon.