NRQL Alert for Mobile Crash

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The alert condition I’m using is NQRL to query mobile app crash. The query contain a sub-query.

I want to query a count for mobile crashes the alert will trigger went meet the condition but at the same time the sub-query will return the userid, city, appversion, from that crash.

Is this possible?

Hi @david.truong,

I don’t think you can use a sub-query this way, but I also there may be ways to accomplish this without that. I’m going to tag in my colleague @Fidelicatessen here to see what he has to say - he’s our team expert on making the most of alerts.

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I would instead recommend using a FACET clause on userid, city and appversion. This will make it so that every unique combination of those three attributes is tracked separately when counting app crashes, and then those details will be included in the violation details page if a violation is opened.