NRQL for Garbage Collection CPU time

Hi can this attached chart be generated by NRQL. for my appname=abcd

Hi, @prem.kuppumani: While viewing your application, select Metric explorer from the sidebar menu. Find your desired metric(s) in the list, and you can see the associated NRQL query on the right:


Hi @philweber,
Recently I am working on a requirement to create alert on the Garbage Collection CPU Time metric.
If we check on the JVM page, the Garbage Collection CPU Time is mentioned in % as it is using Time Percentage Function (As shown in @prem.kuppumani’s screenshot).
But we extract the query form the Metric Explorer the value returned is a numerical value rather than Time Percentage value (As shown in your screenshot above).
Could you help with the formula or function for conversion of this numerical value into time percentage value.
Bidhan Nath

Hi, @Bidhan.nath: You can create a JVM health metric condition:

Then select the garbage collection method (such as MarkSweepCompact) for the condition:

It uses a percentage value for the threshold.

Hi @philweber,
I have configured the alert based on Gi Young Generation as shown below, which also provides value in Percentage and fulfilled my requirement.
But I was interested in NRQL query for that assuming that any data available in NR should be querable via NRQL.

Bidhan Nath

assuming that any data available in NR should be queryable via NRQL

I don’t think that is a valid assumption.

Thanks @philweber,

That clarifies my doubts.

Bidhan Nath

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Great to see that Phils guidance, cleared things up.