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NRQL query for Resources under "Synthetics">"Monitor"


Does anyone have a NRQL query that would provide the same result as the Resources list when viewing a Monitor under Synthetics product? I want to monitor how many scripts are loaded and alert if there are too many scripts degrading the website performance or a single script which is slowing down the website. Is it possible to create such alert?


Hi @siva_epari - You can query for SyntheticRequest events which you can then filter down. In your case you are looking for contentCategory = ‘javascript’


Hi, @siva_epari: As @stefan_garnham suggests, try something like this:

SELECT average(duration) 
FROM SyntheticRequest 
WHERE monitorName = 'My Monitor' 
  AND contentCategory = 'javascript' 


That’s what i was looking for. Thanks for sharing it.