NRQL Query to provide Service health with Emoticons

Hi Team,
We are building dashboards for all the microservices in our application where we need to represent the health of microservices with Emoticons (something like :slight_smile: or :frowning: or :+1: or :-1: or :stop_sign: or :green_heart: )

Can you please let us know if it is supported in New Relic? If yes, can you please provide some info about NRQL queries and any other steps?

Thanks a lot in advance for the info.


HI @tkale - The post below describes how to use icons and may answer your question.


Thanks Stefan for sharing the info. I don’t think this is related to my query. I am looking for NRQL query which provides health of microservices in the form of emoticons. If you are aware of this, please provide the info.

Hey @tkale - Emoji’s aren’t sent as default attributes by any agent to New Relic - That said we do support adding emojis as custom attributes.

For testing the health of your services, you may need to do some in application testing, to determine which emoji to send New Relic at any time.

For example, the below is some pseudo-code that may help;

if(responseTime < 1.5 seconds)
      newrelic.sendCustomAttributes('System Status', '🙂');

else if (responseTime > 1.5 seconds AND responseTime < 3 seconds)
      newrelic.sendCustomAttributes('System Status', '😐');

      newrelic.sendCustomAttributes('System Status', '😢');

Note that this is not a tested chunk of code, the functions involved in sending custom attributes depends completely on where you’re sending them from. See the docs here on how to do so from your applications: Sending Custom Data to Insights

You can see examples on using the Insert API, and of Emoji’s in Insights over here: Relic Solution: Custom Events & Custom Attributes


Thanks Ryan for the info.