Parameterize Browser monitoring for React SPA app

I am trying to instrument my React JS web app. (Client side app)
When we go the javascript snippet copy/paste method, how can we parameterize the script such that different environments log data agains different apps.
The project being is question being a containerize reactJS webapp, what options do I have to avoid building a image per environment ?

Is Domain Conditions considered a recommended solution for a pure SPA app with JS snippet method ?

Hi, @sudhindra.kovalam: You may find this thread helpful:

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Hi, with our React SPA we use a file (we called it “env.js”) which is parameterised. It isn’t in the package pushed by the development pipeline. Instead it is transformed by our Ansible environment deployment build pipeline as it is pushed into each environment. It is parameterised with a number of values specific to the environment being deployed.