PHP 7 Support is out!

Hello all - we released PHP 7 support today and I will be closing this forum down at the end of the week. I will leave it up until then.

Thank you to everyone for your participation and help with the beta - it was a long time coming and your help and support has been invaluable.



I’m little bit confused. How do I install new agent for PHP 7?

sudo apt-get install newrelic-php5?

Hi @nikola.majksner

Yes that’s the package. It’s the same package name as previous for compatibility with previous upgrades. So yes you are installing newrelic-php5 and as you can see it’s version

Generally the PHP beta is manually installed, meaning

beta-folder/newrelic-install install was the easy install method.

a call anywhere else to newrelic-install will result in the installer starting. Choose 1) to install the agent to re-run the installer script.

This should remap the file to the PHP 7 ready .so file. Make sure you restart PHP to make it take effect and check your PHPinfo, it should move the New Relic section which shows the version at the top move from beta5 to