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    In our process to have more data on our clients and be able to differentiate between clients, we have made labels, which has Org as the category and Name as the value.

The idea is that we use a template dashboard, that we can copy for when new clients come in. On the client dashboard we add the customer label with their name and that works perfectly.

Here is the kicker. Once you start switching between customer dashboard, the label or the attribute will disappear from the dashboard, and you would have to add it in again.

If there is a way to pin the label/attribute on each dashboard, then it would solve this inquiry.

Pinning is, in our eyes, the most scale-able way to get customer dashboard out.

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Hi @efr

Thanks for posting - I’m curious which labels you refer to.

Is that the attributes you can filter to:


I’m unsure what the expected behaviour is with those, though I’m sure you should not need to rewrite NRQL queries.