Proactive Detection Slack Set Up issues

I have a problem when I want to select the Slack channel. Can you help me?

Attached screenshot with error in Slack.


Hi @hrodriguez

Can you let us know which step of the set up process you are having trouble with? And what steps had you taken to land at the error you received?

I want to make sure this is something we can help with, or if this is a slack error we may need to redirect you to their support team.

Hi @RyanVeitch

I have a problem when I want to enable my Slack channel in option “Configure real-time failure notifications in Slack” for new feature “Proactive Detection”, specifically in step when, redirects to slack to validate workspace.



That seems like a potential issue with the slack side.

I just went through the config steps here & it redirected me to slack, where I was asked to set up a channel to report notifications to.

Before getting here though, you will need to have the New Relic AI app approved for your slack workspace. If you are a Slack admin, you can do this yourself. If not, you may need to reach out to your admins first to get this app approved: