Proxy configuration

Hello Team,

I have successfully configured proxy server instead of directly sending data to newrelic server.Do we have a way to configure multiple proxy servers (for HA) so in case primary (proxy server) goes down secondary servers become Active.

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At the moment we only have these configuration settings available for the proxy in the infrastructure agent.

I’ll confirm this with the engineering team for HA if we have that feature and update you but before I do I want to confirm that you want to set it for Infrastructure agent correct?

Hi @shreybatham14 :wave:

I checked with the engineering team

At the moment we don’t have HA for proxy

I would be more than happy to file a feature request. If you could please provide additional details regarding your use case? We are looking for information such as how you see it working, what the benefits would be, and how it would help your workflow. That way we can be sure that we understand the problem you want to solve and your requirements.

Hello @jvadera ,

I want to monitor 20 hosts (no internet access) through proxy server which will send data to New relic Cloud.I wanted to setup a proxy server as Active-Passive if in case one proxy server went down secondary server become active.