[Python] Connect Infrastructure agent to existing Python APM

I have an existing Python APM on several hosts. I have just installed the Infrastructure agent via the Guided Install on these hosts. Now NRO is saying that there are data gaps, and ask that I install the Python Agent — except that there is already active Python APMs running on those hosts. How do I associate them somehow?

The help text basically gave me the same instructions to install the newrelic python package and it’s already there because the Python APM is already running.

I wish to clarify what I meant. After installing the Infrastructure agent, the New Relic One system told me to install APM Python agents on all of my hosts. Except that the Python Agent is already installed and is already showing up in my APM panel.

How do I get rid of this panel? This list of hosts seem to imply that my APM is not connected when they already are. Why doesn’t the infra agent recognize them?

Also interesting is how the CPU metrics for APM doesn’t auto populate the infrastructure, but that’s why I have installed the infrastructure agent. Still, it doesn’t pick up that the program on those nodes are the same as the APM and that is slightly confusing.

Hi @seeminglee,

Thank you for using our Online Technical Community! For APM and infrastructure data to be integrated, all of the following must be true:

If you are having problems with integration, we would recommend using the following troubleshooting link:

If this still does not provide the connection, please let us know and we’ll be happy to continue troubleshooting!

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