[Python] Forwarding logs for a Python app inside a Docker container

So I have the New Relic python agent running in my app, set up as the formatter for my log handler, exactly like in the documentation. This app runs on a Docker container. How do I forward the logs? I’ve tried using the docker infrastructure agent running next to the application container, but it doesn’t do anything.

Hi @informatica15

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I would advise following along our docs Python: Configure logs in context | New Relic Documentation as it will guide you through the steps needed to help get those logs moving!

I hope this was helpful, please feel free to let us know if it worked for you. Also any additional questions you may have or other fixes are welcomed!

Hi! I’ve done this, and I get no logs. When I go to my APM logs view, I see this:

I am getting information on my App, so the APM agent is working.

Hi @informatica15

Can you send a link to the agent in your New Relic account, please note only New Relics will be able to access this link.

Also can you confirm if you have tested outside of the docker?

Looking forward to hearing from you!