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Query for all Unique Measures


I have been tasked with gathering a list of all ‘data’ or measures we are collecting and sending on. Is there a way to write a query that would output the unique measure names?


Hi, @tim.davis: You may use the keyset() function to get a list of attributes for a given event type:

SELECT keyset() FROM Transaction SINCE 1 day ago

You can use the Data Explorer to get a list of event types, then execute the above query for each event type to get a list of the attributes being sent to New Relic.


I haven’t had success with other methods, but, our IP team was able to get me the APM parameters. So, I am left with Infrastructure parameters from the NR code we use. Is there a document with those parameters?


The default Infrastructure events and attributes are documented here:

You may, however, define custom attributes in the Infrastructure agent’s config file, and you may install Infrastructure integrations. The only way to get a complete list of attributes is to use the keyset() query I showed above.


Fortunately, for now, we are using Infra out of the box. That may change, but, it affords some simplicity. I am still trying to figure out that query, as it did not work before when I tried it.


Can you be more specific? How did it “not work”? Did you get an error message? If so, what did it say?