Query Regarding New Relic

I have few queries Regarding New Relic Tool.

  1. We have to Use New Relic as Browser Monitoring Tool For Our Websites. How in this New Relic Tool can Help Us?
  2. New Relic is Also Supported in Azure Windows VMs. How can we implement them?
  3. What will be costing for New Relic Implementation?

Hi @dharak

Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy all it has to offer.

I see you asked a series of questions relating to different topics, for future posts, I would suggest picking one topic/question as to allow for clarity.

  1. For browser monitoring info, its a very large topic with many different ways its can help customers. I would suggest having a look at our docs to gain an understanding of what it can do for you. Please see Introduction to browser monitoring | New Relic Documentation.

  2. For Azure Windows, please see Windows Azure users and New Relic | New Relic Documentation and choose which area is most relevant to you. The doc can give a better insight here!

  3. New Relic accounts are free, New Relic also offers many subscriptions with 100GB free. For more insights into pricing please see our website, note you can reach out to out Sales Team with more pricing questions here.

I hope this was helpful and insightful. Please do feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

Actually I need to Deploy this in My 6 Azure Windows VMs & Need to Implement Browser Monitoring For this?
will there any costing will be taken?

is there any update on this?

Hi @dharak1001

Thanks for reaching out.

As previously stated pricing is best discussed with the Sales Team pricing via this link here.

With regards to pricing for your Azure VMs & Browser, there is no specific pricing per feature, instead you will get 100gb of data ingest for free, anything over that is billable at our standard rate of $0.25 per gb.

For additional Information and questions for pricing please do reach out to the Sales team via https://newrelic.com/contact-sales.

I hope this was insightful and helpful!