Question on API


I’m new to New Relic. I’m looking at using New Relic to add logging logic to an Android application.

I setup an account and followed the steps to add New Relic to my android application. I see some rudimentary data in the dashboard.

I need more specialized logging, is there some sort of API to where I can add specialized logging statements to my application? I suspect what I’m looking for is in your developer toolkit.

Sorry for the newbie question, like I said I’m new to New Relic.

Thank you,


Hi Warren,

I utilize the custom events API a lot for when I need to specialize my data. By passing doing so, you can pass data on any event or state that you define and it has proven very valuable to my organization.
Here is a link that has samples in several languages.
APM: Report custom events and attributes | New Relic Documentation

Best of luck!


Thanks @Tim.Walter for sharing! @warren.dixon Let us know how that works out for you!