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Question on upgrading NewRelic PHP Agent


Hello to all.
I have a fully working installation of NewRelic PHP agent (ver.
I’d like to upgrade the version to the lastest (ver. and i read the
doc but when i try to upgrade by using:

sudo yum update newrelic-php5

i recieve the following message:

No packages marked for update

so, i tried to upgrade “manually” by downloading the *.rpm files and using rpm -i newrelic-php5-common-X.X.X.X-1.noarch.rpm newrelic-daemon-X.X.X.X-1.x86_64.rpm newrelic-php5-X.X.X.X-1.x86_64.rpm

but i recieve this error message:

file /usr/lib/newrelic-php5/scripts/newrelic-iutil.x64 from install of newrelic-php5- conflicts with file from package newrelic-php5-

which is clear to me but i don’t know if i need to uninstall the agent and than re-install it.

Did i forgot something on the upgrade’ procedure?

many thanks to help.


Is there a lock on the yum package to prevent it from updating?

yum versionlock list


Hi beastman, thanks for you reply.
No, there isn’t any lock.
Anyway, I have a conflict error if i try to update using the *.rpm package (and not using yum).



Hey @NinjaZoppo,

You should be able to upgrade the agent to the latest version with the .rpm files you downloaded by using --replacefiles flag for rpm. Your command should look as follows:

 rpm -i --replacefiles newrelic-php5-common- newrelic-daemon- newrelic-php5- 

Let us know how it went!


Hi @[rplucinski]
Yes, it works!!!

Many many thanks for your help.