Quickstarts Synthetics library

Looking for a good starting point for your Synthetics script? Check out the Quickstarts Synthetic Monitoring library!

This is a community sourced collection of templates to help get your script off the ground as quickly as possible. It includes examples of how to do mutual authentication with an API test monitor, how to save screenshots to S3, and more - there are currently 24 scripts in the library and the list is ever growing!

Have a script that you would like to see added to the library? We welcome and encourage contributions! Visit the github page here for more details on how to contribute.


Hi! I would love to read a guide for SNMP monitoring with MikroTik and New Relic.

Hi, @goto1134: I am not aware of any SNMP examples with MikroTik, but New Relic recently released a network performance monitoring tool based on ktranslate from Kentik. You may learn more about it here: Get started with Network Performance Monitoring | New Relic Documentation.