Relic Solution: 7 new features of New Relic One Dashboards

What are New Relic One Dashboards?

You may be familiar with Insights Dashboards in the original New Relic UI. New Relic One takes the original dashboarding functionality in Insights to a new level.

The broad definition of a dashboard is the same as it has always been in New Relic: a board to hold a collection of widgets built with NRQL queries; an easy way to display the data that’s meaningful to you.

New Relic One Dashboards are similar in ways to Insights Dashboards, but bring with them multiple updates and a redesigned UI. This post will go through what’s new with New Relic One Dashboards.

What’s new with New Relic One Dashboards?

1. The UI: The New Relic One Dashboard UI is very different to the original Insights experience. You can see that in our screenshot below. The UI aims to focus on widgets and minimise anything extra surrounding them. The caret icon ^ on the right allows you hide many of the settings, and then the full screen button allows you a full page of widgets.

2. Facet Colours linked: This is a frequently requested feature in Insights, that now comes in New Relic One Dashboards. If you have a dashboard with many faceted charts, those charts now have attribute colours matched.

Here you can see that between both widgets there are similar Synthetics Monitor names charted. Those that match across widgets have been assigned the same colour. This helps to easily maintain context when looking at multiple widgets in a dashboard.

3. Widget Scrubbing: Widget scrubbing, as shown, allows you to correlate spikes in one chart with the remaining charts on the dashboard.

4. Download as PDF: Have you ever needed to share a dashboard report with your leadership teams? New Relic One Dashboard now allows you to download a snapshot of your dashboard in PDF format, for you to share within your teams.

5. Download Charts as images: So now you can download a dashboard as a PDF, what about individual widgets? There now exists the ability to download your individual charts as an image.

6. Chart Builder: NRQL has it’s similarities with SQL, making it relatively easy to pick up for anyone familiar with SQL. New Relic One now makes it easy for anyone to start building charts & queries, regardless of their SQL/NRQL experience.

7. Clone Dashboards: Dashboards have got configurable permissions settings, and so it’s possible you come across dashboards available to you that you cannot edit. New Relic One Dashboards can be cloned, making an exact copy, where you are the dashboard owner with your own edit permissions.

Other news.

New Relic One Dashboards also implements some features from Insights, improved now in Dashboards, such as:

  • dashboards feature a full screen view
  • dashboards also feature dark mode.
  • Filtering your dashboards by chosen attributes.
  • Dashboard global time picker.

More information

See our docs on New Relic One & Dashboards below to get some additional information:

Work with your own dashboards

We’re eager to hear how you like the new iterations on Dashboards brought in by New Relic One. Let us know in the comments below what you like about New Relic One, and what you are most excited to see!