Relic Solution: Accounts FAQ

Below are some of our most frequently asked account questions and their answers! Don’t see what you need? You can search our many account posts here or create a new topic with your question here.

I’m a new customer and need help setting up my account:

This doc will walk you through account setup, settings and troubleshooting.

My login is not working and my password reset emails are not arriving:

First test to ensure you are not on the suppression list, please send a test email. The best way to test this is to visit and send a test email.

Please be advised, you may need to create a test channel which will give you the option to send a test email. More information on sending test emails can be found here.

If you do not receive any emails please let us know and we can check if you have been added to the suppression list again. If the email bounces, we should have the header available to find out the reason given for the bounce.

Additionally, we recommend you to add ‘’ , ‘’ and ‘’ to your email filter whitelist, as well as the domain of our mailing provider *

For more information on email suppressions, and best practices check out this community post..

If you still aren’t receiving a password reset email please create a new topic (link to new topic with a tag that indicates it originated from this topic) and one of our Support Engineers will be able to help you.

I need to change my account owner:

There here are a few options available to us:

  1. If you still have access to the New Relic login information associated with the current owner email, you can log in using those credentials and make the ownership change. Details can be found in the New Relic Ownership Change article.
  2. If you have access to the current owner e-mail but not the New Relic password associated with that email, you can request a password reset.
  3. If you no longer have access to the current owner e-mail, we can make the change on our end. This process can take up to 72 hours and requires an external verification for security purposes. > when they reach out to support. Please create a new Explorers Hub topic here (link to topic with tag that this is where they came from) and include that you don’t have access to the owner’s email.

Please note: If this change is for a sub-account the account owner of the parent account can change account ownership

I’ve created a new account but now can’t access my old account:

Take a look at this Level Up post which will walk you through the steps to take to be able to access both accounts.

I want to delete my account:

If it is a New Relic One account and there is only a single user on that account This Level Up post will walk you through the steps needed to delete your account.

If you have more than one user on your account or if you’re on an older account this doc can help you cancel or downgrade your account.

I need to be upgraded from a “basic” to a “full” user:

Your account owner will be able to make that upgrade for you. Here’s a doc that will help them make that update.

I missed my renewal and want to transition to NR1:

If you are 60 days or more outside of your renewal date, then you have two options moving forward if you would like to transition to New Relic One.

  1. If you wish to switch to New Relic One earlier than your renewal date, then you will have to honor your contract and pay the early termination fee first, which will automatically transition to our free tier of New Relic One. You will be within our free tier first, which gives you the first 100GBs of data and 1 Full User free every month.

  2. You can stay within their current license for another year and when you’re 60 days from renewal, you will have the option to self-serve to New Relic One.

To learn more check out our New Relic One: Self-Serve Pricing page.

Is the $99 per full user charged on a monthly basis?

Under New Relic One, if you exceed our free tier limit of 1 free Full User per month, you will be charged $99 per additional provisioned Full User within the month.

You can have unlimited Basic Users, which are completely free. To learn more about the functionality of Full Users vs. Basic please take a look at our Manage User documentation.

What are the benefits for us switching from our current plan to your new plan?

Under our new model, we offer our entire suite of tools (APM, Logs, Infrastructure, Browser, etc.) to our customers.

The highlights:

  • Full access to all of our capabilities. APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Distributed Tracing, Kubernetes Cluster Explorer, Serverless Monitoring, AIOps, and more.
  • Free tier every month. 100GB free data ingest, 1 free Uull user, unlimited free basic users.
  • Only pay for what you use above your free tier limit. $0.25 per additional GB. $99 per additional full (Standard plan) user added.
  • No commitment. You can cancel anytime, and always have full control to manage your usage

If you would like to learn more about how this pertains to you, check out our New Relic: Self-Serve pricing page, which informs our customers how they can qualify to switch over,

Do we need to pay monthly or can we pay annually?

  1. Under New Relic One, you have a free tier every month. The first 100GB of data ingest and 1 full user are always free under our Standard Plan.
  2. If you exceed the first 100GB of free data ingest, you’ll be charged $0.25 per GB after. If you need more Full Users, you’ll be charged $99 per additional Full User provisioned.
  3. Under our Pro plan, we offer a month to month plan and an annual commitment. If you would like to learn more about our annual commitment option, please fill out this form: New Relic One: Contact Sales

Do you offer any discount for annual payments?

For annual commitments New Relic does offer various incentives for our customers. If you would like to learn more, please fill out this form: New Relic One: Contact Sales

Is there any discount based on the volume of GBs ingested?

Under New Relic One, our GB pricing is constant and is always at $0.25 per GB. If you have any influx of data there are no overage charges or additional fees.

If we cancel our account right now, will we still be able to access it until the end of the contract?

If you choose to cancel your subscription prior to your annual renewal date, you will have access to New Relic up until your contract date.

If you are on a month to month subscription under New Relic’s old model and choose to cancel your account, you will lose access immediately at that time.

If you are on a month to month subscription under New Relic One Pro, you will have to contact our Sales team to help cancel your account. To contact sales, please fill out this form: New Relic One: Contact Sales

When clicking “Continue to Cancel”? What happens when that button is clicked?

  1. When clicking there, should I click “Continue to Cancel”? Yes, click “continue to cancel” to be taken to the next page, which will give more details on how to cancel/verifies if you want to cancel.
  2. What happens when that button is clicked? When you click on that button your account will be downgraded depending on what the contract end date the finance team put down. Usually, the contract end date is the end of a customer’s contract term (aka a customer will have access up until their renewal date)