Relic Solution: Bash Script to Search dSYM Files for a Specific Build UUID

There are a few reasons why a dSYM may not have been uploaded by the New Relic post build script. Some times it can be tedious to find the right dSYM to upload to symbolicate the crash. Crashes and dSYMs are tied to specific build ids. You have to match these ids for a crash to symbolicate.

To find the build uuid for a crash in Crash Analysis refer to our Find Build UUIDs for unsymbolicated crashes doc.

When using the old Crash reports UI will take a bit more effort. One caveat is that the build uuid is not currently available in the UI (stay tuned as this will be available later this year). To find the build uuid of a crash you’ll need to edit the URL of the crash detail and add .json to the end. Then locate the value for build_uuid.{ACCOUNT}/mobile/{APP}/crash_reports/{REPORT_ID}.json

Following step 2 of the manual dSYM upload process will show the build uuid for the dSYM.

To simplify this process, you can also use this helpful script to search a folder of dSYMs for a specific build uuid.

This script is offered for use as-is without warranty. You are free to use and modify as needed. It has been created for use with New Relic crash reporting to simplify the dSYM upload process but is not a supported product of New Relic.