Relic Solution: How to add/remove/update a user?

Hi New Relic Explorers! My name is Nicole and I work on the Business Support Engineering team. Our team specializes in providing support for issues regarding Account Access and Security - this includes assisting with questions around adding and updating users.

In this post we’ll be going over how to add and remove users from you New Relic account.

Note: This is only relevant for accounts on the New Relic One user model. If you have the original user model, please see this document on adding and removing users: Add/update users.

Need to add a new user to your account?

First you’ll want to navigate to the New Relic One app page:

Note: You have to be an admin user to perform this action.

And then navigate to the User Management app:

pro tip: “favorite” the User Management app for quick access by selecting the star in the right hand corner of the app tile.

Once you’re in the app, select add user. Now comes the fun part! You’ll want to fill out the name and email address field for this user and then set their user type.

What about removing users?

  • Just like adding users, you’ll want to navigate to the User Management app, select the user you wish to delete, and then click on the red delete button and confirm the prompt to delete them.

Okay, so now we know how to add and delete a user. What if I wanted to update a user’s user type?

  • Just like removing a user, you’ll want to navigate to the User Management app, select the user, and then make the desired change! After you add the change, select Update User.

What user changes can you make?

  • You can change the user type and user group
  • Update the user’s name
  • Update the user’s email
    • (note, the user will need to confirm the New Relic account with the updated email address, so don’t panic if you see their status change from Verified to Pending)
    • Only admins can update a user’s email address, so if you’re a full user or a basic user, reach out to an admin on your account to make this change.



Hi Nicole, is there a way to change the user type via an API?
I’m looking for a way to reset full users to basic.
Basic users can “self-serve” elevate to a full user but I cannot see a way that they can self-serve back down to basic - seems that only an admin can do this for them.
Due to this I want to create a script that will get all user accounts that are full users and reset them all to basic so this can be run every evening.
Otherwise the ability to self-serve elevate will likely leave us with many un-necessary full users that would increase our costs.



+1 to this. It seems like the only reasonable thing to do.