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Relic Solution: Search Through Your Event History in Infrastructure



A “breadcrumb trial” of important events to help you better understand what’s been happening within your infrastructure.

What are Events?

Events are alerts, user sessions, and changes in attributes listed in your Inventory, and New Relic Infrastructure agent connections. With this information, you can search, backtrack, and filter events that may have had a cause/effect relationship with regards to performance issues. In essence, Events allow you to correlate changes in your infrastructure with application performance–great stuff if your codebase has had no changes in the past 3 days, but performance was impacted 20% after that kernel update 20 minutes ago.

How-to Video

Viewing Events

Events are viewable as a time-sliced bar on the Compute, Network, Storage, and Processes pages as well as on the Events page. Clicking through the time-sliced bar will take you to the Events page showing you more details in reverse chronological order–most recent at the top.

Want to learn more?

New Relic Docs has more details on events and the Events page.