Relic Solution: Track the success of your Algorithmia ML models in New Relic and ensure consistent operation of your ML-powered applications

Algorithmia manages all stages of the machine learning (ML) model lifecycle and accelerates the development of models to production. Integrating this powerful platform with New Relic One will allow you to analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your machine-learning application across your entire system, across all stages of the ML lifecycle within existing operational processes.

Algorithmia (a DataRobot Company) provides an automated ML pipeline for version control, automation, containerization, orchestration, logging, and auditing that integrates with monitoring, reporting, and alerting tools to easily access operational KPIs, performance metrics, and traceability data to perform real-time inference and react to changing market conditions.

Learn more about Algorithmia data integration here.


How to Integrate Algoritmia with New Relic

What you’ll get

Follow the instructions to get instant observability for your machine learning models in production. You’ll get:

  • A guided integration set up for Algoritmia
  • A pre-built dashboard with charts to help you monitor your models

What you’ll need

Before you begin, ensure you have a New relic account, or sign up for a free account here (no credit card needed).

You will also need to have an Algorithmia account, sign into your account here.

Quickstart for Algorithmia: insights in minutes

If you have already set up this integration for New Relic and just want to get the dashboard, install this quickstart from New Relic I/O. Otherwise, read on for all the steps.

To quickly see your data in a pre-built dashboard, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. From the quickstart link, click “Install this quickstart”
  2. Under the installation plan, click “skip this step”
  3. Click “see your data” to get to your dashboard!

Set up the integration

If you haven’t yet set up the Algorithmia integration, follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve your API key for the Algorithmia integration.

create an api key

  1. Create an MLOps focused dashboard in New Relic Dashboards. An example of this dashboard can be found below.

new relic dashboards

  1. Configure Algorithmia to send Insights to a Kafka broker and topic.

  2. Create your New Relic connector algorithm on Algorithmia, and configure it with your New Relic API key. The source code for the algorithm can be found on our docs page here.

  3. Set up Algorithmia Event Flows for your New Relic connector algorithm.

  4. Set up New Relic policies and conditions based on your ML Model metrics by creating an alert condition. You can do this by clicking the three dots on any metric chart in your dashboard and selecting “create alert condition.”

create alert condition example

create alert condition example

Define your signal via NRQL.

set condition threshold example

Set your condition thresholds.

  1. Get notified through a specific channel.

pathways example

  1. Correlate your incidents to reduce noise and create a custom decision by training your ML model.

correlate incidents example

You’ve now successfully integrated Algorithmia with New Relic One. Newly created alerts will now be correlated with your New Relic alerts and you should be able to see data about newly model activity, model input drift, incident insights, and more.

Happy Monitoring!


For more information about this integration, follow the New Relic Docs.

About Algoritmia (a DataRobot Company)

Algorithmia manages all stages of the production ML lifecycle and accelerates delivery of your ML models into production, driving a process of continuous optimization across all stages of the ML lifecycle within existing operational processes.