[Ruby] Cross_application_tracer shows as true even though configs are false

I’m using newrelic-apm version 8.1 in my application and when I deploy it, I get these deprecated warnings:

** [NewRelic][2022-01-13 03:59:00 +0000 release.7668 (39)] WARN : The method cross_application_tracer is deprecated.

** [NewRelic][2022-01-13 03:59:00 +0000 release.7668 (39)] WARN : [DEPRECATED] Cross application tracing is enabled. Distributed tracing is replacing cross application tracing as the default means of tracing between services. To continue using cross application tracing, enable it with `cross_application_tracer.enabled: true` and `distributed_tracing.enabled: false`

My newrelic.yml shows cross_application_tracer is disabled:

enabled: true

enabled: false

As of v8.0.0, distributed tracing replaced cross application tracer and cross application tracer should be defaulting to false, so why am I getting this deprecated warning?

Hi @isley, thanks for reaching out! My name is Kayla and I’m a member of the Ruby Agent team.

Unfortunately in v.8.0.0, the error message is printed even when cross application tracing is disabled. The mistake has been fixed in v.8.2.0 thanks to this customer issue.

Could you upgrade your agent to v.8.2.0 and let us know if the problem persists?

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