Saved dashboards not visible


Saved dashboards for our account are no more visible.
Even the Alerts section does not contain any of our defined alerts and notification.

Can you please help?


Hello @Tryzensanalysts -

Sorry to hear that you are having this problem, but thanks so much for reaching out to the community for help!

I see that you have several accounts. Can you please let me know in which account you are seeing this issue?

One other thing to note - it’s possible that you are experiencing some issues switching between accounts, which may be why you are not seeing alerts and dashboards as you would expect. If that’s the case doc, this outlines what to do:

Let us know what you need.

Thanks for looing into this.
When we verify our email, below is the list of accounts we see:

The first one is the correct account. Can you make this the default one so that each time we login we get directed to this account.

Liveops Team.

Hey @Tryzensanalysts,

I hope you are well. I wanted to start by letting you know I have removed your image from the post that contains the email addresses associated with the accounts due to security reasons. If I am understanding your questions correctly you would like to make the Original New Relic account the default account when logging in to bypass the account selection? Currently that is not something that is possible in the UI due to your email being associated with both an Original New Relic account and a New Relic One Organization.

One possible work around for this is if you are not utilizing the New Relic One Organizations and have no data reporting you could delete them and they would be removed from this account list. Details on this can be found here: How to delete your Organization.

Please let me know if this was helpful in your journey or not, we will provide continued support if required. We hope to hear from you soon, have a great day!

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