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Searching Transactions by Custom Attribute



How does one search for transactions given a custom attribute value? For example, I want to search for all transactions/errors in the past 30 minutes for my custom attribute userid=10.

Using Insights, I can run a query to see events that match this criteria with the results in JSON, however, I would like to see this in APM or another HTML formatted view. Is this possible?


Hi, @esemathew: If your subscription level and language agent support error analytics, you may filter errors by any attribute.

New Relic Insights is the only supported method to view and filter individual transactions. You are not limited, however, to viewing query results as JSON; Insights provides several visualizations, including a table view with sortable column headers:

If you add the table to a dashboard, you may enable filtering, so that you may view transactions for any userid without having to change the underlying query:

You may use the widget’s zoom option to make the table full-screen and enable horizontal scrolling:


Once a transaction matching the custom attribute has been found, is there a way to link through to the transaction trace details in APM? In my case I’d like to lookup something by request id.


Hi, @mhale: No, I don’t think that’s possible. First, transaction traces are only captured for the slowest executions of each transaction; it is quite possible that a Transaction event in Insights will not have a corresponding transaction trace. And even if it does, there is no ID in Insights to link a Transaction event to its corresponding trace; as far as I know, the best you can do is note the timestamp, then go to APM and try to find a transaction trace at that time.