SendGrid Plugin - is it still alive?

Hello, we’re recovering from a bit of a SendGrid configuration problem that has taken some time to come to light, resulting in a number of email delivery failures that we were unaware of.

I am considering options to use the SendGrid plugin within New Relic to monitor activity and, importantly, alert us when something has gone wrong.

I am concerned that the plugin doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2013 and when I click on “Continue” in plugin central I get the message “404 Not Found nginx”.

Can I install it? Will it work with the new alerting system? Can I get useful stats out of it using an Insights dashboard?

Hey @michaelh!

SendGrid sounds like a nice option for what you are describing, however, it is quite possible that it has not been updated since 2013 like you said.

This plugin was published by SendGrid and continues to be supported by them. I would recommend reaching out to their support team about this and letting us know what you find out!

Eager to hear back from you! :blush:


Hi @michaelh - Yes the SendGrid plugin is still working. We have installed it in the last 12 months and have had no problems with it. I think I configured it directly from SendGrid from their documentation

Thanks @stefan_garnham,

The good news is we’re up and running with SendGrid stats in New Relic!

SendGrid support also referred me to that same document. I had found this previously but was uncertain about it because the screenshots are a bit out of date and I got sent to a 404 error when clicking “Continue” from New Relic’s plugin central.

I didn’t realise that the plugin would just magically appear in New Relic by virtue of me putting our New Relic license key into SendGrid’s settings. When I hit the 404 error I thought there was no way to tell New Relic to add the plugin.

I’m pleased it’s up and running but it might be good if someone fixed that broken link, I guess that sits with SendGrid.

Hello again @stefan_garnham,

I hope you don’t mind me picking your brains a bit further?

We’ve got statistics coming through from SendGrid to New Relic, but they don’t appear to be moving. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Graph in New Relic for the last couple of hours, and the Component/Numeric/Deliveries/Delivered[Emails/Day] measure is not budging, even though we know via the SendGrid Activity feed that (a few) emails are being delivered.

SendGrid’s documentation I think states that data is sent every 5 minutes. However, the metric is a per-day rate. Should I expect to see the average email delivery rate per day change every 5 minutes based on activity, or is this aggregated somewhere so I only see one measure per day?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @michaelh - I think your assumption is correct in that you are measuring a daily metric which will depend on the refresh rate of that metric. I’ve tried to locate any documentation on the SendGrid metrics without success. I suggest you raise a support ticket with SendGrid asking for the information and requesting their documentation link.

2 years later, the same question…

Is it still alive? The documentation available is really outdated.

I have just checked and our plug in is still reporting metrics.

If you don’t mind me asking, where do you see them on New Relic?

I have it enabled on Sendgrid but I see nothing different on New Relic. Also tried a few queries on insight but got nothing.

You will find it under the PlugIns view, assuming it is configured and set up correctly.

Thanks to your help I found out the problem and I’m posting here for future references.

Plugins is not supported with accounts that host data in the EU region data center.