Server Side Rendering Validation

Hi y’all! I had a question about the web driver in scripted browsers. I’m attempting to validate some server side rendering and want to disable the javascript on the web driver (i.e. $browser) in order to validate only the html that is rendered server side. Thank you in advance for any help/feedback!

Hi, @ryan.diaz1: I don’t think it is possible to disable JavaScript in a scripted browser, but you can use an API test to send a GET request, and you can see what the server returns.

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Can’t express how grateful I am for you replying so quickly! I’d be searching for ways to disable the javascript for awhile if not. Thank you! Just to clarify though to make sure we are on the same page (I’m thinking we are but just to be safe), I was looking to disable the javascript in the webdriver not in the scripted browser. Something like this Disable Javascript when using selenium

I’ve done this with the API test and will probably run with that and validate the response against what we expect. Thank you!

Hi @ryan.diaz1 That’s correct, it’s not possible to disable JavaScript in the webdriver. You can find a list of all the functions supported here: Synthetic's scripted browser reference (monitor versions 0.5.0+) | New Relic Documentation

Glad @philweber could save you some days of research!


Thank you very much for the feedback. It’s greatly appreciated!