Service Bus Integration - Reporting Alerts

Hi All
We have an integration with azure, and one of the features we use is the service bus monitoring.
I had a series of alerts set up using Infrastructure queries to monitor the active and dead letter volumes from AzureServiceBusSubscription.

What I want is to send the alert notification for respective group when list of total active and dead letter messages for each subscription is above the threshold value.
Once the Alert has triggered and notification is sent and acknowledge is done, if active message / dead letter is increases again then i need to receive a new notification alert.
And It should not be depend on previous open alert condition.

Furthermore, I would like to disable the auto close-open alert condition.

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Mohammed Mazher

Hi @mmazher - You might be able to accomplish this with multiple alert conditions with different threshold levels. Sort of like the workaround for receiving notifications for warning level below:

Relic Solution: How to Get Notified on Warning Violations

For Infrastructure Alert conditions, it isn’t possible to disable the violation time limit for violations due to not having this set can cause some violations to never close.