Service does not trigger incidents

Is it possible that specific service does not create incidents? I have similar conditions of NRQL policy for 2 different NR accounts, one of them have multiple services, another have only one. On 1st case when policy violation appears - incident is not created, on 2nd case everything works fine.

Hi @vlad.kuduhov - You may want to check the incident preference for the policy. It sounds like you have yours set to the default option of by policy which will only raise one incident regardless of how many conditions are triggered.

it is so, by none of incident were raised on 1st case. there are 2 different accounts with 2 different environments. one of them works, another one - dont.

Ok, in that case you will need someone from support who can view your accounts to assist.

@vlad.kuduhov Please provide a permalink to the condition that did not open a violation as expected as well as a specific time window. That way one of the support engineers can take a look.

Hello! I have an NRQL policy with custom parameter (i’m sending from application every 5 mins).
Query looks like

SELECT latest(my_param) FROM Transaction

with window duration 10 minutes and streaming method EventTimer=5s

I’ve configured it in a way to receive incident immediately, but even when I see on graphs voilations - no incident was created. Does anyone have any ideas what’s wrong?

@vlad.kuduhov What are your policies incident preference settings set to?

By Policy. But i’ve tried all options, no difference

Is there any chance to review our setup and check whats wrong with configuration?

Hi @vlad.kuduhov - Would you explain what you are trying to achieve with your custom attribute? From the NRQL you provided, the attribute value would have to be under 500 for 2 hours before the alert will fire. If the value changes every 5 minutes, I cannot determine how it would work.

This is a dummy condition to check how policy will work and setup notification channels.
Normally I will send value update every 5 mins. Flow: I obtain data and process it during time. While processing I will send data to NR how much left to process. If at some point processing will stuck - NR will receive larger values and should notify me about that. Once I will confirm that notification works i will change “under” to “above” and it will work as i expect.

Is this a permalink you need?

Data types. NewRelic has data types. Who could imagine that 0 + 123 + 125 is 0123125 and not 248?
Changing query to SELECT latest(numeric(MY_PARAM)) FROM Transaction solved all problems.

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