ServiceNow integration

I was trying to test the ServiceNow integration for newrelic and followed the documentations.
Unfortunately, i couldn’t find the ServiceNow listed under the notify methods . Is this not available currently ? Should we use webhook method to integrate to SNOW ?
May i get some information from team please ?


Hi, @sankar.aniyan: Are you saying that you went through the steps in this document:

and when you visit the Destinations page, you do not see ServiceNow as an option?

Yes. I couldn’t find ServiceNow. When i went to destination, i see SNOW as coming soon. Am I missing something ?

Hmm, I don’t know. Are you an account administrator? Have you configured an account for Incident Intelligence under the System settings menu on the left sidebar?

I am indeed… This is my Account with NewRelic. I have a dev platform for my Project on which i am enabling Applied intelligence and lemme try it over…
B/w as i see, SNOW integration is Account specific configuration as I see . Is it to be configured per account or policy based ?

i checked it with few other accounts within my client Account which has a master and subaccount structure and there also it seems to be of same status.