Session traces are no longer working

Hi for some reason my session traces are no longer working. These Lunix Chrome are the Synthetic process but very little other sessions are captured.

Page Views and Ajax data seems to be fine.

[accountId]=1904204 and ApplicationID is 688122685

@toni3 Thanks for the message and question on session traces! Is there a particular date or roughly when did these seem to start reporting under the root domain or /?

Is the bulk of your Page View data also reporting under the root domain?

Session trace data is the only browser data that is sampled, so if a larger percentage of Page View data is displaying under the main page Url, I would also expect to see most of the session trace data also aligning.

The Session traces index lists the most recent traces based on the time picker selection for the selected app. Session traces are randomly sampled and stored at a rate of 90/hour.

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I’m not sure about the exact date but it seems to be around the time we migrated to closed VPC on AWS. We created a new application code

All our production usage data is reported on the domain EG

Fully understand the sampling on the session data but I see no details for any of them. Just /.

@toni3 Thanks for the additional info here. I’d like to take a look at your application data. Would you be able to share a link to your browser application in your account to where you are seeing the session traces as ‘/’? I want to check on a few things. Thank you![0]=eyJuZXJkbGV0SWQiOiJucjEtY29yZS5hY3Rpb25zIiwiZW50aXR5SWQiOiJNVGt3TkRJd05IeENVazlYVTBWU2ZFRlFVRXhKUTBGVVNVOU9mRFk1TURrM05ETXpOdyIsInNlbGVjdGVkTmVyZGxldCI6eyJuZXJkbGV0SWQiOiJicm93c2VyLW5yMS5icm93c2VyLXNlc3Npb24tdHJhY2VzIn19&platform[accountId]=1904204&platform[timeRange][duration]=1800000

main summary is[accountId]=1904204&platform[timeRange][duration]=1800000&pane=eyJzZWxlY3RlZENoYXJ0Ijoic3BhX3Jlc3BvbnNlIiwicGVyY2VudGlsZSI6NTAsIm5lcmRsZXRJZCI6ImJyb3dzZXItZW50aXR5LXByZXZpZXcuYnJvd3Nlci1hcHBsaWNhdGlvbi1wcmV2aWV3IiwiZW50aXR5SWQiOiJNVGt3TkRJd05IeENVazlYVTBWU2ZFRlFVRXhKUTBGVVNVOU9mRFk1TURrM05ETXpOdyJ9&sidebars[0]=eyJuZXJkbGV0SWQiOiJucjEtY29yZS5hY3Rpb25zIiwiZW50aXR5SWQiOiJNVGt3TkRJd05IeENVazlYVTBWU2ZFRlFVRXhKUTBGVVNVOU9mRFk1TURrM05ETXpOdyIsInNlbGVjdGVkTmVyZGxldCI6eyJuZXJkbGV0SWQiOiJicm93c2VyLWVudGl0eS1wcmV2aWV3LmJyb3dzZXItYXBwbGljYXRpb24tcHJldmlldyJ9fQ

@cfrankenfield any word here?

@toni3 Thank you for your patience here and for sending these links. We are going to likely need to collect some additional files from you so I’m going to create a ticket.

Please be on the lookout for communication in a ticket. Thank you again!

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Hi @toni3 - I wanted to check in with you about this. Have you received my email via the ticket?