Signal lost incident doesn't close automatically

Please describe the behaviour you are seeing, and how that differs from what you are expecting.

I have NRQL-base alert condition setup with signal lost after 15 mins, while my data will be sent to new relic insight every 5 mins.
I got an open signal loss incident for 15 mins and this incident has been opened for more than 10 hours but still not close automatically.
I checked my insight data, they received data every 5 mins for at least 1 hour.
I expect the signal loss incident should be automatically closed.
Do I misunderstand it?

Here is the incident link.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @yichi.lin - I think you might have created a second post here:

If these are not the same issue, let me know and I’ll take a harder look at this.

All good now. Just misunderstood how it works.

Thanks again for the support.

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Great! Just let us know if anything else pops up for you.