SLA report only having PageLoad and Duration

Hi Everyone,
I would like to custom my SLA report with only PageLoad and Duration.
I just need an SLA report having Pageload and duration and don’t want any Uptime, APdex, Satisfied, Toleration, Frustrated items in the SLA report. Is it possible to achieve? If possible how can I achieve

Hi, @azurenewrelic: It is not possible to customize the built-in SPA report, but you may use NRQL queries to create a dashboard with the data you want:

End-user tier

  count(*) / 1000 AS 'Page views thousands', 
  average(duration) AS 'Load time sec' 
FROM PageView 
WHERE appName = 'Your Application' 
SINCE 1 day ago

Application server

  count(*) / 1000 AS 'Requests thousands', 
  average(duration) * 1000 AS 'Resp. time ms' 
FROM Transaction 
WHERE appName = 'Your Application' 
SINCE 1 day ago
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